Sraf Web-based UI Solution, based on Sraf HTML5 Browser engines, is used for OEMs/ODMs to develop HTML5 based system UI. It is capable to enable highly customized user experience on various kind of devices, including Connected TV, IoT products etc. 

Sraf Web-based UI

·It is used to develop the next generation Web-based TV/STB system User Interface.

·By leveraging the strong Sraf HTML5 browser, Sraf Web-based UI can easily support various TV standards required by different regions, which can help TV/STB manufacture to develop and deploy their products globally.

·Supports YouTube TV certification, HbbTV, Freeview Play, TV Portal, Open Browser, Premium Web App in one SDK.

·Supports both customer's TV UI store and SERAPHIC's own TV UI store.

·TV/ STB manufacturers are able to design and develop platform-independent Web UI based on HTML5 standard.

·Supports system upgrade via OTA.