SERAPHIC Information Technology, a global leader in providing TV-centered solutions, announced that it has led the market in launching Freeview Play 2020 compliant solution that is ready for deployment. Freeview play 2020 supports companion screen and media synchronization features, which can enrich user interaction scenarios. These features were previously optional. Freeview Play is already the UK’s fastest growing TV platform with 7 million active monthly users. [1] 

Sraf ® Freeview Play solution is a Blink-based market-proven software product which has been pre-integrated into mainstream DTV SoCs. SERAPHIC enables Freeview Play on both Linux and Android platforms, which gives its clients high flexibility to design their Freeview Play products. 

Xinwen Xue, VP Product Management at SERAPHIC, adds, “SERAPHIC has been committed to following Freeview Play since its first edition and has extensive deployment experience. SERAPHIC always puts clients first and keeps up with the latest technology trends to deliver flexible and particularly efficient solutions to our clients.”


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