We are hiring:

1、C/C++ software engineer

Main Purpose

1).Port embedded browser to various SoCs such as ARM, MIPS.

2).Optimize and debug embedded browser in various SoCs (Graphics and Footprint).

3).Develop and maintaining Digital TV protocol stack.

4).Composing related technical documentation.


2、Software QA engineer

Main Purpose

1).Creating testing related documents including Software Testing Report, Test Cases, Testing Reports, etc

2).Performing Functional Test and Performance Test of embedded software on various platforms

3).Administrating and maintaining various servers of the company


3、Browser software engineer

Main Purpose

1).Maintaining browser engine (Blink) and other related modules.

2).Porting browser and other software stacks to various SoCs.

3).Extending browser engine and developing browser plug-ins.

4).Implementing new DTV/STB technologies (IP or Hybrid services).


4、Media Player software engineer

Main Purpose

1).Develop and maintaining Embedded Media Player Framework.

2).Resolves multimedia related issues in Chromium.

3).Composing related technical documentation.


5、HbbTV software engineer

Main Purpose

1).Add new features to our HbbTV engines as the standards evolve.

2).Port these interactive TV engines to a range of platforms and architectures.

3).Support the digital TV ecosystem through formal certification, internal and external QA testing.

4).Resolve defects in our implementation.

5).Provide technical support for our involvement with official TV standards bodies.