SERAPHIC Information Technology has announced the launch of the new generation Sraf HTML5 Browser SDK 6.0.

The Sraf HTML5 browser SDK 6.0 supports the latest HbbTV, Freeview play, TV Portal, Open Browser, WebUI and other products, as well as both Linux and Android platforms to accelerate clients’ new product launches.

Based on the up-to-date Chromium browser engine, Sraf Browser SDK 6.0 achieves significant performance improvements in the HTML5 TV browser, including support for the latest browsers, prioritizing HTTPS connections, loading web pages faster, and disabling data downloads from HTTPS pages via the HTTP protocol to further secure website connections.

Sraf Browser SDK 6.0 greatly reduces CPU usage and optimizes the caching mechanism to speed up start-up and Web page application loading. It also supports the latest AV1 encoding specification, consuming less bandwidth when watching streaming content, allowing smart TV users to have a smoother viewing experience and better user experience.

Commenting on the launch, Xinwen Xue, VP of product management at SERAPHIC, said “SERAPHIC is always committed to building more connections and bringing more well-being to global families. Relying on strong innovative capabilities, SERAPHIC is capable of delivering richer content and meaningful leisure experiences to end consumers”.